Российская империя. Информация, презентация, тест и аудио-диск. Nona Bobokhidze. Band 3. Serie Russian Studies/ Russlandstudien/ страноведение России (999)

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In the work is presented one of the most interesting part of Russian history - formation and developing of Russian Empire. 
The Russian Empire arose during the reign of Peter the Great in 1721. This huge country was able to unite many different cultures. At that time in Russia there were more than hundred nationalities of more than fifteen creeds, which spoke in 150 languages! On the whole vast territory of Russia, there were uniform laws for all. The motto of the country was the saying: "With us is God!"
The history of Russia was undoubtedly greatly influenced by the progressive ideas of the French Revolution, which ultimately led to the Decembrists uprising and later to the accomplishment of the October Revolution. First World War accelerated the collapse of the Russian Empire and the fall of the tsarist power. 
This long way from its start  to exist in February 1917 is presented in the brochure "Russian Empire".

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