Matryoshka 3. An Essential Course of Russian Grammar. Preparation for Tests (E35)

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N.B.Karavanova (MGU)

This manual is an integral part of the educational complex "Matryoshka", but can be used independently. It discusses in detail the most important grammatical topics of the Russian language: cases, verbs of motion, aspects of verbs, etc., traditionally causing difficulties for all Russian language students.

Like other benefits of this complex, this course is aimed at an active knowledge of the language. In each topic are presented communicative models, exercises, dialogues, oral speech tasks, allowing to use the proposed lexical and grammatical information for building their own statements. After each topic are given tests to check the studied material.

For all exercises and tests are given the keys, as well as attached educational dictionary with the translation of the vocabulary used in the textbook into English, German and French.

This textbook will be of great help to those who need to prepare for various Russian language tests and exams.

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